piab conveyors are a necessity in food processing; they are a convenient way to move products within facilities. But a common drawback with lesser food conveyors is that certain fragile foods get damaged along the way – candy gets crushed, nuts get bruised, seeds smashed, or beans broken. piab, whose processing equipment is available in Canada from Firing Industries, offers a superior solution.

piab’s piFLOW®t line of vacuum conveyors is built to handle delicate items properly, be it fragile foods, nutraceutical tablets, or pharmaceuticals.

With no sharp edges

piFLOW®t food conveyors by piab are designed with innovative features that allow them to move food items, ingredients, and more in a very safe and gentle way. As there are no sharp edges in the conveyor, which feeds the products through a guided entry at a controlled low speed, items come out the other end free of damage and ready to package.

The piFLOW®t brand of conveyor can transport up to four million items per hour, and without damaging or breaking any of them. Processing plants can trust these devices to handle coated sweets, candy, roasted coffee beans, whole nuts, and nutraceutical tablets. This process also eliminates the need for inadequate standard equipment and physically difficult or dangerous manual procedures. With piab’s help, companies can transport fragile ingredients and products between any processing units – tablet presses, coating drums, packaging lines – without the slightest risk of damage.

The piFLOW®t conveyor is an upgrade of piab’s already acclaimed piFLOW® line of food conveyors for bulk materials and powder. The manufacturer developed this line to meet the strict safety and hygiene standards of several industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Also available is a series of spare parts for the piFLOW®t, including filters, seals, fluidizing cones, clamp rings, and nylon tubing.

piFLOW®t: the perfect solution for fragile food items.

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