ABB launches its new LLT100 laser level transmitter

ABB PMU Quebec – Level Measurement Products is proud to announce the launch of the new LLT100, the next generation of non-contact level transmitters. Powered from the loop and capable of measuring any solid or liquid, this device accurately measures level or position. This maintenance-free product meets the demands of process automation and inventory management in several industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, pharma, water and waste water.

Measure any solid or liquid in a wide array of applications

The new LLT100 laser level transmitter can measure solids or liquids, even transparent liquids. LLT100 comes with optional pressure rated flanges and cooling tubes for high-temperature applications. It also comes with a hygienic tri-clover flange interface. Finally, LLT100 is approved for use in dust or gas explosive atmospheres.

Convenient and simple to use

–        Fast and flexible installation

–        Easy setup menu

–        Embedded display

–        2-wire powered

–       HART communication


Low cost of ownership

Simple to use and maintenance free, it provides accurate and repeatable results for years to come.  No components to replace or adjust. No consumables. No calibration.


–        Download marketing material and see videos at:

Demo kit

The demo kit includes the LLT100 demo unit. Powered by batteries housed inside the instrument (no external battery pack required) or by an external power supply, the LLT100 demo unit allows you to show the product working right out of the box. It is ideal for customer presentations, trade shows or testing applications.

Configur X code: LLT100.DEMO.A.N.10.L5

See it in action at: Firing Supplier Video’s.





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