Animal food producer creates perfect system with piab vacuum conveyor

piab conveyor solutions are available through Firing Industries Ltd. and are useful in processing many products – including animal food. Conberg, a system integrator in Nowy Sącz, Poland, developed an unique solution based on the piab piFLOW®f vacuum conveyor. This system deals with the challenge of conveying micro-additives, which are an essential part of food for pets and farm animals as far as nutrition goes.

No more manual charging

Examples of micro-additives include enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, and their varying amounts in recipes make it difficult to automate transfers from dosage stations to mixers. They are added in amounts from below 100 grams to ten kilograms, depending on the substance and recipes; these variations, plus a tolerance level of half a percentage of loss during transfers, makes process automation challenging. To tackle this issue, Conberg installed a vacuum-conveying system based on the piab piFLOW®f at a manufacturer of animal and pet foods.

With an objective to accelerate and streamline the process, ergonomics played a vital role. The company’s mixer previously had to be charged manually, and workers had to carry ingredient bags 25 feet above ground to empty them into the mixer. The automation project needed to overcome this extreme height from the feed station. Conberg installed a feed station with ten containers on the ground floor, each container manually filled with the respective dosage of every micro-additive needed for the specific animal food recipe. Each micro-additive is conveyed individually to the mixer.

The conveying process begins with the lowest dosage, to meet the strict tolerance level. The operation continues in ascending sequence up to the largest batch. This order ensures that the utmost possible portion of the smaller doses reaches the mixer. The piFLOW®f is installed on top of the mixer for optimal space use and process reliability. The piab COAX® vacuum pump, with its energy efficiency, maintains a speed level to keep the pipeline clean and minimize substance loss in the animal food.

Firing Industries can supply these piab products for other high-quality processing systems.

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