Auburn FilterSense offers Baghouse Performance Analysis systems for pharmaceuticals

Firing Industries Ltd. supplies all kinds of industrial products, like air monitoring and control solutions by Auburn FilterSense. For example, Auburn FilterSense’s line of Baghouse Performance Analysis and Control systems, or B-PAC systems, are ideal for dust-collector optimization. These units help streamline manufacturing processes while realizing high savings and efficiency.

The B-PAC line from Auburn FilterSense is especially recommended for the pharmaceutical sector, in which particulate releases from filter failure have a negative effect on revenue.

Quick return on investment

To minimize losses and maximize efficiency of material collection in the pharmaceutical production process, filter media must be in optimal condition. The B-PAC series offers built-in IntelliPULSE technology to decrease compressed-air use and diagnostic functionality for monitoring solenoids and diagrams and for locating filter failure by row. These Baghouse Performance Analysis and Control devices have comprehensive control and analysis ability unlike any competing product, to ensure peak efficiency in filtration systems.

B-PACs are turnkey control, monitoring, optimization, predictive-maintenance, and regulatory-compliance solutions for all baghouses and dust collectors. Auburn FilterSense leads the industry in filter cleaning and diagnostics, and its Baghouse Performance Analysis and Control units keep processes running smoothly with less energy and minimal emissions. They lengthen filter lifespans, reduce operating expenses, and prevent unexpected downtime. B-PACs usually provide a quick return on investment – between one and two years.

For pulse-jet filters, B-PACs integrate control of the cleaning system with measurement and analysis of differential pressure, header pressure, and particulate to optimize filtration and offer actionable diagnostics. Users can other inputs to enhance these units further. In addition to IntelliPULSE control and diagnostics, these systems from Firing Industries offer extensive general functionality, such as easy-to-select pulsing patterns and a complete range of basic timing modes.

With actionable diagnostics, B-PACs locate filter leaks by row, weeks before emissions are visible, and they detect and locate open and shorted solenoids that can result in plugged filters and cascading failures. More effective than PLCs, they also detect and locate ruptured or frozen pulse diaphragms, preventing ample expense and shutdown.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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