Auburn FilterSense offers particulate monitors, B-PAC controls, sensors

Auburn Systems has served for years as a major provider of triboelectric monitoring solutions, available in Canada through Firing Industries. Recently, Auburn has merged with FilterSense, another manufacturer of monitoring solutions, to create the new entity Auburn FilterSense. This company offers a full range of proven options to cover various process conditions, regulations, and budgets. Products available from Auburn FilterSense include particulate monitors, B-PAC controls, and various sensors, systems, and software.

From basic to comprehensive solutions

Auburn FilterSense monitoring options range from simple, inexpensive detectors to high-performance measuring instruments, while controls run from basic and diagnostic controllers to comprehensive, large-scale control systems. Particulate filtration systems like baghouses and cartridge dust collectors are vital to productivity and process control, and they are also critical for occupational health and safety, as well as compliance with government regulations.

Categories of Auburn FilterSense solutions available from Firing Industries include the following:

  • Particulate monitors. These devices are designed to be the most reliable and easy to use of their kind. Auburn FilterSense offers particulate monitors under the DynaCHARGE brand name. Examples include the PM 100 series (multi-point and multi-function), the PM 1 series (single point and single function), and the EM 30 series (also single point and single function).
  • B-PAC controls. FilterSense was a pioneer of intelligent baghouse controls, and the new company is still at the forefront of this technology. The G3 series has essential features and functions, while IntelliPULSE timers offer intelligent filter-cleaning control.
  • Sensors. Particulate sensors and pressure transmitters for basic, high-performance, and extreme-duty applications for the most reliable and repeatable.
  • Systems and software. Auburn FilterSense engineers systems and software solutions that integrate, optimize, control, and monitor filtration processes. Options include B-PAC systems, for particulate control, process optimization, and maintenance manage of large emission sources, and FilterWare, for compliance reporting, alarm reporting, and process-analysis and pulse-cleaning reports.

These solutions work for a broad range of applications and sectors, such as aluminum, carbon, cement, chemicals, food processing, foundries, incineration, minerals, pharmaceuticals, power, steel, wood, and other areas.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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