Auburn FilterSense’s FilterWARE helps businesses meet their environmental compliance requirements.

Firing Industries Ltd. is trusted by Canadian manufacturers for its unsurpassed selection of processing equipment – but the supplier also carries monitoring and compliance solutions by Auburn FilterSense, to promote corporate environmental responsibility. For example, Auburn FilterSense offers FilterWARE, which is an easy-to-use HMI/SCADA solution for filtration monitoring and compliance reporting.

Designed to help staff meet all of their monitoring needs, FilterWARE was developed by Auburn FilterSense based on its decades of experience with regulatory requirements and filtration operational management.

With detailed alarm settings

Among the key benefits of FilterWARE are detailed alarm settings and in-depth trending features that help businesses meet their environmental compliance requirements every time. Available from Firing Industries, this product provides a cost-efficient solution to meet any local or regional environmental permit needs, both for new plants and for established industries.

With FilterWARE, users get process visualization, control, data logging, report generation, and remote services for process filtration, industrial ventilation, and air-pollution control systems. Whether the customer requires a single baghouse or a plant-wide network of dust collectors, mist eliminators, stacks, scrubbers, or RTOs, FilterWARE is designed to lower expenses while boosting manufacturing operations.

FilterWARE interfaces with FilterSense diagnostic controllers like B-PACs for baghouses, and it also integrates with Auburn FilterSense’s particulate CEMs, filter leak detectors, and leak-locating systems; users can easily incorporate other existing plant sensors and devices too. The solution automates process control, maintenance, and EPA compliance needs at the same time, which provides a quick return on investment. The software can turn a perceived EPA expense into an opportunity to improve productivity, maximize equipment performance, and reduce operating expenses.

In terms of maintenance planning, the key advantages of FilterWARE are that it maximizes the productivity of plant staff and that it plans repairs while preventing unplanned operational downtime. For EPA compliance, it automatically generates reports compliant to 40 CFR and eliminates manual record keeping and visual inspections. Finally, for process optimization, FilterWARE controls and automates production while improving filtration efficiency to boost product recovery.

Trust Auburn FilterSense for top compliance solutions.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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