Auburn Systems offers four reasons to choose dust-collector monitoring systems

dust collector monitoring

Firing Industries supplies triboelectric broken-bag detectors and bag-leak detection systems by Auburn Systems.

Dust collectors are important equipment for plants that require constant air-quality maintenance, but they must be monitored. Without consistent dust collector monitoring, maintenance issues are likely. That is why Firing Industries supplies triboelectric broken-bag detectors and bag-leak detection systems by Auburn Systems, a producer of industrial monitoring solutions.

In a recent blog entry, Auburn Systems discusses why triboelectric dust collector monitoring is the right solution.

A wise business investment

While many companies think it is sufficient to monitor differential pressure or inspect outlet sacks visually, Auburn recommends investing in one of its triboelectric dust collector monitoring detectors, available in Canada from Firing Industries. Here are Auburn’s four reasons why its systems prove to be a wise investment:

  1. Easier reporting with accuracy and easy data access. Triboelectric monitoring provides the most accurate emissions information possible, in real time. For most applications, these detectors continue to operate perfectly without periodic calibration, rebuilding, or cleaning. Getting quick, accurate data saves a lot of time and effort for compliance engineers.
  2. Reduced downtime. With triboelectric dust collector monitoring, operators and production personnel track collectors’ operation indicators before issues become serious problems that could reduce productivity or quality. Deteriorating filter conditions, excessive differential pressure, and sinking conveying speed in the duct work can be detected in advance.
  3. Quicker tracking of filter leaks. Maintenance personnel can detect leaking filters more quickly with triboelectric monitoring. This is an especially significant benefit when working with large dust-collecting systems with multiple compartments and many rows of filters, as Auburn’s detection systems can track down single leaking filters down to specific units, compartments, and rows, saving a lot of time.
  4. Accurate predictions of when filters need to be replaced. Triboelectric dust collector monitoring systems can help maintenance planners know in advance when to get new filters. Auburn detectors can help companies stretch current filters to the longest possible service life without exceeding those periods of usefulness, thus both saving money and avoiding

For more information about detecting bag leaks effectively, download Auburn’s e-book.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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