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Hosokawa Micron provides top milling technology for the food-processing sector

Milling equipment is essential for many manufacturers in the food-processing industry, since products often need to be cut up and reduced in size. Hosokawa Micron specializes in high-quality milling technology. This company, whose products are available in Canada through Firing Industries, knows exactly what kind of milling...

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NDC assists food processing with superior measuring instruments

Among the vital applications in the food-processing sector is correct measurement. Food producers need to gauge specific quantities of protein, fat, and moisture in order to make the products correctly. NDC Technologies is a pioneer in manufacturing measuring instruments for these purposes, and its products are available...

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Piab vacuum conveyors are ideal for food processing

As an innovator in vacuum technology, Piab manufactures industry conveyors that provide quick, easy and reliable solutions for product movement. Piab’s vacuum-conveyor products, which are available in Canada through Firing Industries, are an especially smart choice for manufacturers in the food-processing industry. Why choose vacuum conveying? Vacuum...

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