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What’s the Best Triboelectric Detector For My Company & Application?

When first visiting our website, some might feel overwhelmed by the number of different detection systems we currently offer. Especially because visitors often come with the question “What’s the best triboelectric detector for my application” only to face another question “Which Auburn TRIBO is the...

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Which is better – an AC or DC triboelectric bag leak detection system?

What Does It All Mean When considering a triboelectric bag leak detection system OEMs, sales reps, and other re-sellers may throw a number of seemingly confusing technical specs at the project engineer. One that frequently gets cited is whether the unit processes an AC signal...

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Bag Leak Detection Blog Predictions for 2017 AUBURN – Emissions Monitoring Trends

Technology driving savings Technology is changing every industry…environmental compliance is no exception. Just as the early commercialization of triboelectric detection by Auburn Systems led to changes in MACT compliance, recent advances in technology mean that the trends in emissions monitoring and recording are better and...

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