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Positive Physical Control vs. Indirect Control – AUBURN

The two primary means of conveying bulk products are by pneumatic and mechanical conveying with the most common type of mechanical conveyor being the screw conveyor. Both methods have benefits in certain applications over others. In general, finer, more consistently sized materials as well as...

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Gentle vacuum conveying for the food industry – No more crushed candy!

How do you handle delicate things? Well gently, of course! And that is precisely what the innovative and aptly named piGENTLE™ technology does in Piab’s vacuum conveyor piFLOW®t, offering careful conveying of delicate food and sweets. Candy, nuts, seeds, nutraceutical tablets and capsules are difficult...

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MATCON – Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) – THE ORIGINAL CONE VALVE IBCs

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) – THE ORIGINAL CONE VALVE IBCs WHAT IS A CONE VALVE? Matcon IBCs have a ‘passive’ cone seated within the outlet of the bin. When located on the discharge station an ‘active’ probe assembly lifts the cone which creates and annular...

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