The benefits of dust-collector monitoring by Auburn Systems detectors

Firing Industries offers great workplace solutions by Auburn Systems, including the TRIBO series of detectors. This product line consists of electrostatic particulate monitors that are essential for businesses to stay compliant with emission standards. But TRIBO detectors also offer a wealth of advantages in dust-collector monitoring.

Able to detect minute changes in levels of particulate flow, these detectors by Auburn are a unique benefit to dust-collection operation and maintenance.

Helping recognize issues quickly

TRIBO detectors help facility personnel recognize issues quickly in dust-collector monitoring, with the capability to detect 0.005 milligrams per cubic metre in changes to particulate-flow level. Auburn identifies three key user benefits in this application: quick detection of leaking filters; extended useful service life of filters; and predictive maintenance.

Auburn triboelectric bag leak-detection systems from Firing Industries spot leaks only minutes after they develop. This is essential, as undetected leaks eventually grow into severe collector failures, resulting in significant plant disruption and downtime to fix the issue. When businesses – like those in the cement sector – use fabric filters to collect the final product, failing filters lead to economic loss on top of extra air pollution. Early failure detection with Auburn saves users a lot of maintenance and operation costs, as businesses can respond to filter problems before they lead to chaos.

With accurate, constant dust-collector monitoring by Auburn, operators are assured of overall collector efficiency. TRIBO detectors have extended the lives of customers’ filter bags years beyond the manufacturers’ recommendations in the past.

Triboelectric dust-monitoring systems provide the information that plant personnel need to plan future maintenance tasks successfully, like repairs and filter replacement, by tracking and recording real-time emissions data. Trending emissions data help maintenance planners to predict with relative certainty when filters will no longer meet their emissions standards and require replacement. This means planning ahead for change-outs, buying new filters, scheduling change-outs for planned maintenance outages and other convenient times, and avoiding expensive unscheduled outages.

With Auburn triboelectric detectors, dust collectors and filters will work better and last longer.

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