Bulk containers from MATCON ease storage, blending for food processing

Matcon is a renowned manufacturer of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and related products, which are extremely useful for a number of industries – including food processing. The company, whose products are available in Canada through Firing Industries, designs many of its innovative wares for bakeries, as well as makers of pet food, baby food, and beverages.

The ideal blending system

Matcon’s IBCs are made for the processing, storage and transportation of solids, powders, and granules in bulk. Each IBC has a cone valve within the outlet of the bin, serving as a discharging device that breaks up bridged product and prevents common flow problems, especially with stickier, cohesive food mixes. Matcon ensures that its IBCS do not have crevices or hollow sections that could trap product or contaminants.

For bakeries and food manufacturers, Matcon has created a unique IBC system for high-variety, low-volume production lines. With traditional mixer systems, bakers often have difficulty handling increased product variety because of the need for a full cleaning after each recipe change, and smaller order sizes are hard to produce with inflexible schedules. In addition, modern bakeries have higher hygiene standards with food products that are gluten-free or contain allergens.

But Matcon creates efficient production systems with equipment that optimizes production flow and meets tight schedules, enabling a high variety of production with a better return on investment. Users can switch IBCs within the system to avoid the possibility of allergen cross-contamination.

Matcon’s IBC Industrial Mixer can blend any recipe at any time (up to three batches per hour), with faster loading and unloading along with no cleaning downtime, eliminating wasted time and making the process efficient. Blend cycles move faster with the Blender Intensifier, which allows single-stage mixing within the IBC. An interlocked safety cage is available for a safer operation.

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