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How equipment by Hosokawa Micron converts legumes, pulses into protein

Hosokawa Micron processing equipment is available from Firing Industries Ltd. One application for which these devices are recommended is plant-based food, particularly pulses and legumes, which get converted into ingredients appropriate for commercial food processors. This involves extracting as much protein from plants as possible, as per...

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Auburn FilterSense’s FilterWARE helps businesses meet their environmental compliance requirements.

Firing Industries Ltd. is trusted by Canadian manufacturers for its unsurpassed selection of processing equipment – but the supplier also carries monitoring and compliance solutions by Auburn FilterSense, to promote corporate environmental responsibility. For example, Auburn FilterSense offers FilterWARE, which is an easy-to-use HMI/SCADA solution for...

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WaveMix drying equipment by Marion and its six manufacturing advantages

Marion Process Solutions equipment is available through Firing Industries Ltd., including its WaveMix industrial drying equipment. WaveMix uses microwave technology to offer precise thermal processing for a broad variety of applications. When manufacturers transition to WaveMix from traditional indirect heating methods, they yield major advantages. This...

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