Extend the lifetime of your Piab conveyor

Extend the lifetime of your Piab conveyor


In our commitment to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers, Piab is offering you a kit to upgrade the vacuum pump on your C-series conveyor unit.
If your vacuum pump is on the left, you need an upgrade to piFLOW®.

If you order before October 15, 2016, take an extra 10% off the price.

• The interface of the kit is standard, so an extremely simple upgrade.
• The side mount pump decreases headroom.
• Energy-saving COAX® vacuum technology.
• Compact size & low weight.
• Low noise level and an integrated central exhaust.

Compressed air valve and air filter shock mounting plate for the C-series are included in the kit

Call us to order yours today! 1-905-688-0962 or your application specialist.

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