Firing Industries’ comprehensive lineup aids in drug development and production

Firing Industries has been supporting the growing needs of the pharmaceutical sector for 45 years. The leading distributor supplies a wide variety of process equipment from world-class manufacturers. This broad portfolio — from bulk bag systems, vacuum dryers and blenders to cone valves, dust monitors, analyzers and more — enables the company to expertly meet its customers’ drug development and production requirements.

The lineup includes:

Vacuum conveying equipment from PIAB. The piFLOWt has the capability to transport up to four million tablets per hour, safely transferring them between the various processes (i.e., tablet presses, coating drums and blister packaging lines). The company’s piFLOWp, on the other hand, is ideal for handling any kind of pharmaceutical powders, thanks to its fully enclosed hygienic ASTM 316L construction.

IBCs and cone valves from MATCON. Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) systems are ideal for handling and processing powders, granules, tablets and capsules. MATCON’s systems are designed to enable improved productivity and quality in customer production systems thanks to the incorporation of Cone Valve Technology, which is at the heart of every Matcon IBC system. This innovative unit feeds blended powders and granules directly to roller compactors and tablet compression without the risk of segregation.

Powder process technologies from Hosokawa. From classifiers, dryers, and filling and weighing equipment, to granulators, mills, mixers and roller compactors, Hosokawa has a range of products designed for pharmaceutical applications. Whatever the task, its equipment can handle reduction and milling, classification and separation, mixing, blending, drying, coating, isolation, filling, weighing, particle analysis and much more.

Jacob Tubing Systems. The company’s modular tubing systems can be used in the pharma sector for ventilation, vacuum and positive pressure applications, as well as aid in the pneumatic conveying and gravity flow of products. These units can easily connect and adapt to existing systems.

Malvern drug development equipment. Malvern’s products help customers get their small molecule drug to market faster by assisting in small molecule pharmaceutical formulation development, characterization and process development. The lineup includes morphologically directed raman spectroscopy equipment, x-ray powder diffraction tools, laser diffraction equipment and more.

Auburn dust monitors. Auburn Systems’ triboelectric monitors are typically used in the pharmaceutical industry to monitor baghouse performance for both emissions compliance and product capture, and to aid in the bulk transport and blending of powders by monitoring particle velocity.

NDC moisture analyzers. The PH710e pharmaceutical moisture analyzer is a powerful in-process alternative to off-line LOD (loss on drying) gravimetric testing. This unit also complements the other real-time outputs used to run a granulation suite by providing real-time measurement of moisture, improved drying process visualization and full CIP capability. It also offers wash-in-place capability during production.

To learn more about Firing Industries’ comprehensive lineup for the pharmaceutical industry, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974

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