Firing Industries now carries PVS’ unique line of direct-from-bag unloaders

Many great manufacturers of processing equipment make their wares available in Canada through Firing Industries. The distributor’s newest partner is PVS Process Equipment, which has produced innovative bulk material-handling equipment for more than 30 years. A key product line by PVS is its 14v series of direct-from-bag unloaders.

Built to handle free-flowing granules, pellets, or powder, these unloaders take the heavy lifting out of emptying drums and bulk bags.

Complete and continuous discharge

PVS’ 14v series of direct-from-bag unloaders offers a unique design that automatically draws the material from the top of the bag. During the unloading task, the carriage stretches the bag, which forces material to the centre, promoting complete and continuous discharge. Options available include stainless steel construction, electric carriage and wand drive, material-specific wand adaptors, integral dust collection, and HEPA filtered air intake.

Each unit features a small footprint, enabling workers to use it in tight spaces or areas with low headroom. Using a 16-by-16-inch base plate secured to the floor, the centre mast is fastened in place, and the wand actuator, bleed valve, and hose connections are bolted to the top of the mast. The smooth bore hose with static conductive wire is used to support the stainless steel wand. The adjustable centring rollers prevent wear on the hose during use, and the inflation collar seals the bag snout or drum liner to contain the dust generated by unloading tasks. Finally, touchscreen control enables users to change the operation easily and adjust it to system settings.

Standard specifications include the following:

  • Heavy-duty structural tube assembly;
  • Textured powder coat finish;
  • Compressed-air-driver wand and carriage actuator;
  • Intake air bleed valve;
  • Adjustable wand bag guard;
  • Mast guard with bumper;
  • Compressed-air preparation kit;
  • Precision regulator;
  • Inflation collar and manual switch;
  • Nylon centring rollers;
  • UHMW wear-resistant guides; and
  • Flexible bag snout arms.

To get an idea of how these direct-from-bag unloaders from Firing Industries work, watch this video:

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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