Firing Industries offers processing systems by a variety of manufacturers

Firing Industries is trusted by businesses across the country for the best in processing systems. A recent profile of the company in Manufacturing in Focus showcases its solid relationships with many great equipment manufacturers, as well as its history of growth and expansion over the past 45 years and counting.

These partnerships, the article says, have helped to make Firing Industries “the top distributor of processing equipment in the Canadian market.”

From conveyors to tubing systems

With a primary emphasis on processing systems that handle bulk material, Firing Industries can design, recommend, and arrange installation of this equipment. The company accomplishes all this with a full-time team of ten employees; it has recently hired two new application specialists and is currently developing an in-house engineering department to serve customers more efficiently.

Among the clients Firing Industries frequently serves are businesses in the food-processing industry. A popular product line for these customers is piab’s vacuum conveyors, which operate as closed systems to keep out dust and other contaminants. Hosokawa Micron also makes many great products for this sector – as well as devices for gypsum milling, such as hammer mills and air-classifying mills. A more inexpensive option for coarser-grade gypsum milling is also available.

Firing Industries also carries machinery by Union Process for milling and dispersing material into smaller particles. Options for continuous production and batch production are available, and they are useful for food production, metal oxides, rubber, chemicals, and graphite. Meanwhile, Auburn particle detection systems help plants improve both worker safety and production, especially those with predictive detection of leaks or contaminants.

Other processing systems from the supplier include high-quality, airtight tubing by Jacob, with uses ranging from dust extraction to conveying bulk food products. These tubing systems are popular with metal-works operations as well, removing dust and welding fumes. Another manufacturer with whom Firing Industries partners is NDC Technologies, which makes moisture gauges for tobacco and cannabis production.

With this unmatched variety of equipment and stellar customer service, Firing Industries gets the job done every time.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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