Firing Industries supplies top processing equipment from many major manufacturers

For 45 years and counting, Firing Industries has been Canadian industry’s go-to distributor of top industrial processing equipment. From conveyors and tubing for food-processing operations to baghouse control systems for manufacturing plants, this supplier has it all. It is not just the high quality of the products available, but also the broad variety.

A large part of Firing Industries’ success is in its partnerships with well-reputed manufacturers like Hosokawa Micron, NDC, Union Process, piab, and more – all of which produce essential industrial processing equipment.

SOLUTIONS FOR BULK MATERIAL HANDLING – From bulk systems to mixers

Firing Industries’ wide range of products can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Bulk-solids dischargers. Bag openers, bin activators, live bin bottoms, rotary bin dischargers, and lump breakers.
  • Bulk systems. Bulk bag unloaders and weighing systems.
  • Centrifuges. Filter-basket separators.
  • Classifiers. High-efficiency classifiers for powder and minerals.
  • Compactors. Rollers.
  • Conveyors. Vacuum conveyors.
  • Dryers. Drymeister, Vreico-Nauta, Impact, Cyclomix, and CT dryers.
  • Emission monitors. Cyclone baghouse monitors.
  • Energy-generation equipment. Hydrodynamic screws.
  • Feeders. Volumetric, Gravimetric, and weigh-belt feeders.
  • Filling and weighing. Numerous options by Hosokawa.
  • Flow meters. Belt scales and mass flow meters.
  • Gauges. Infrared engineering and on-line NIR gauges.
  • Granulators. Flake crushers, Bextruder extruders, and flake and rotor fine granulators.
  • Level measurement. Level scanners and switches.
  • Level and pressure monitoring. Pressure switches and meters, and silo safety-system components.
  • Loading bellows.
  • Mechanical conveyors. Belt conveyors and bucket elevators.
  • Mills. Numerous mills by Hosokawa and Union Process.
  • Mixers. Various devices by Hosokawa and WAM Inc.
  • Modular tubing systems. Tubes, valves, diverters, and bends.
  • Particle size. On-line sizers.
  • Pipe connections. Couplings and elbows.
  • Roller compactors. Several brands by Hosokawa.
  • Screw conveyors and feeders. Various options by WAM.
  • Screw separators. Accessories also available.
  • Vacuum systems. piab vacuum conveyors.
  • Valves. Several variations by WAM.
  • Vibrators. Industrial vibrators and flow aids.

With this amazing diversity of industrial processing equipment, Firing Industries can satisfy the needs of any customer.

Our clients include prominent North American companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and minerals, foundry, steel, and similar processing industries.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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