Firing Industries supplies a wide range of Jacob tubing systems

Jacob Tubing

One of the many manufacturers with whom Firing Industries partners is Jacob, renowned internationally for its modular tubing solutions. Jacob tubing systems are the ideal choice for three common applications: bulk goods handling, low-pressure conveying, and dust extraction and exhaust air. These conveying systems are trusted in several industries, including food processing, chemicals, metalworking, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pulp and paper, and recycling. This has been the case for more than 90 years.

Quality, knowledge, and outstanding innovation

Jacob provides modular tubing solutions with top quality standards, outstanding innovation, and an uncompromising choice of material. Other advantages of choosing Jacob include deep knowledge of the industries it works in, high expertise in tubing, and great customer service.

The Jacob system of customer satisfaction relies on six basic principles:

  • Difference. While other manufacturers produce tubing specially for projects and weld it together onsite, Jacob fits standard modular parts with lipped ends into a U-shaped gasket and join them with a pull ring, a method Jacob finds more efficient.
  • Diversity. Businesses can use Jacob components to configure complex tubing systems, with more than 8,000 standardized parts available. Customized parts are also available for existing systems.
  • Easy connection. Components in Jacob modular tubing solutions can be connected in one easy movement, especially if the Quick Connect pull ring is used.
  • Flexibility. The modular design ensures maximum flexibility, and Jacob can easily expand and modify existing systems. The pull-ring system can be assembled or dismantled in seconds, which reduces downtime, saves costs, and makes cleaning more efficient.
  • Reliability. Despite the easy connections, Jacob tubing is as reliable as any welded system; it can handle differential pressures of up to 7.25 pounds per square inch and form a condensate leak-proof seal.
  • Quality. Jacob constantly invests in new production technology, machinery, and processes to expand quality leadership.

Check out the video below to see how Jacob tubing works:

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