Firing Industries values its relationships, with customers and with manufacturers

For 45 years, Firing Industries has been a major force in industrial process machinery in Canada. One key secret of the company’s continuing success is the value it puts on working relationships – with its customers, and with the manufacturers with whom it partners.

recent profile of the company in Manufacturing in Focus, “The Perfect Fit for Processing Perfection”, discusses how Firing Industries maintains these long-term relationships.

Responsive to all needs

This emphasis on supplier and customer relationships, the article notes, has been a focus ever since Lars Firing founded the company back in 1973. Firing Industries initially dealt in solid and liquid metering systems for precise, timed measurement, but as it expanded its market reach and switched its portfolio to industrial process machinery over the years, it gained and retained a wealth of loyal partners and clients.

Firing Industries takes its work and business relationships very seriously. This is evident in its longstanding partnerships with many major manufacturers. These partnerships include organizations in various industries, including food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and mining. Big names like Hosokawa Micron, Union Process, Auburn Particle Detection Systems, piab, and NDC Technologies make world-class industrial process machinery that Firing Industries offers to Canadian businesses. All of these manufacturers are treated fairly, with none in direct competition with another.

For clients, the Firing Industries team views itself as a collection of problem solvers. Customer relationships are about more than requests for products. The company follows hands-on contact with an assessment of the details of the customer’s specific application and then finding the best solution. In a world that is becoming more digital, Firing Industries distinguishes itself with ample face-to-face interaction. The company not only helps customers approach the issues at hand, but also designs, recommends, and arranges installation of the systems selected.

These solid business and customer relationships often result in new business for Firing Industries, which is a much-sought partner on both ends. Not just a representative for different product lines, the company takes pride in being responsive to all needs.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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