Food-grade vacuum conveyors by piab provide efficiency and high performance

vacuum conveyor

The piFLOWf vacuum conveyor and its accessories, available from Firing Industries

Firing Industriesis the supplier that Canadian manufacturers trust for the best complex process equipment, especially in the food-processing sector. piab, one of the manufacturers whose products Firing Industries provides, is the creator of the piFLOWf vacuum conveyor a piece of equipment widely used in this industry for applications in which food-grade quality is a must.

ThepiabpiFLOWf vacuum conveyor is recommended for many food-processing applications, including powder and granule transfer, milling, sieving, mixing, blending, tablet or fragile transfer, big-bag loading and unloading, and applications in explosive work environments.

An alternative to mechanical conveyors

The piFLOWf is commonly used by food manufacturers as an alternative to mechanical conveyors in applications that require low maintenance and/or dust-free conveyance. It is available fromFiring Industrieswith either an ejector-driven vacuum pump or a mechanical pump.

Among the important advantages of the piFLOWf vacuum conveyor are its high throughput performance, its small footprint, and the pumps use of COAX technology, the most energy-efficient means of producing vacuum. The conveyor is built out of ASTM 304 stainless steel and complies with the strict standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by sealing in direct product contact zones that meet FDA approval. It has a capacity of up to four tons per hour and is ATEX Dust-certified.

Easy to install and to use, the piFLOWf requires little maintenance. But piab recommends changing some of the parts on a regular basis to keep productivity at the highest level. Spare parts for this vacuum conveyor are available separately, including filters, clamp rings, and nylon tubing. piab also offers many different accessories to optimize the piFLOWf, including vacuum pumps, generators, feeding adapters and stations, conveyor bodies, piping, controls, and mounting girdles.

Trust the piFLOWf vacuum conveyor to increase efficiency and output in food processing.

About the companies

Based in Sweden, piab has been a leader in vacuum technology and solutions for more than 65 years.

Since 1973, Firing Industries has provided innovative process-equipment solutions from multiple manufacturers, for many different industries.

To learn more,contact Firing Industries application-sales engineersatddubuc@firing.comor (877) 688-0974.

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