For its 70th anniversary, piab holds a special conveyor contest

piab vacuum-conveying solutions are available in Canada from Firing Industries Ltd. The manufacturer turns 70 years old this year, and to celebrate this anniversary, piab is holding a special conveyor contest. Customers are being asked to help find the oldest operational piab vacuum conveyor in the field.

This piab contest runs until Nov. 30, and the winning company will receive a piFLOW®p SMART vacuum conveyor: the Changeover Champion.

Decades of innovative vacuum conveying

This conveyor contest is an opportunity for piab to take a deeper look into the history of vacuum conveying. The company began producing industrial suction units in the 1970s, but it was not until the early 1990s that piab further developed its vacuum ejectors and pumps by blending both technologies, to progress from cleaning and removing to transporting and reclaiming bulk material in the chemical, food-processing, and pharmaceutical sectors. The result was the first vacuum conveyor.

As vacuum conveyors have long operational lifespans, piab has embarked on a hunt for the oldest of its conveyors still in use. Customers are encouraged to check their plants for a unit that shows the earliest proof of the benefits of this unique technology. Each entrant should e-mail with the company name, a contact person, what material the unit currently handles, photos of the conveyor in operation and its label, and a proof of purchase (e.g., an invoice copy or order confirmation). The customer with the oldest unit wins the conveyor contest and gets the free piFLOW®p SMART.

The smartest product offering from piab, the piFLOW®p SMART takes vacuum conveying to a new level. Available from Firing Industries, this fully automated device with optimized throughput offers changeover that is six times quicker. It allows users to save time when they switch from one material to another, which boosts the productivity of their operations. The piFLOW®p SMART enables smooth process management, independent of operator skill levels, with its pre-configured conveying settings and auto-tuning capabilities.

The piFLOW®p SMART is the latest innovation in three decades of piab vacuum conveyors.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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