Four reasons why Auburn triboelectric particulate monitors justify the investment

Firing Industries distributes essential industrial products manufactured by Auburn Systems, including triboelectric particulate monitors. These instruments are vital for plants prone to overflow of combustible dust and other hazardous particulates.

Investing in triboelectric monitors is a key safety guard – and, in the long run, a wise business decision.

Four key benefits

Auburn notes four good reasons why its triboelectric particulate monitors provide a solid return on investment for manufacturers who use them:

  1. Better emission compliance. Many manufacturing plants are required to use triboelectric monitoring to comply with certain regulations. Compliance with established standards can have an effect on a company’s reputation, daily operations, and overall profitability. Triboelectric monitors have greater accuracy and sensitivity, as well as a quicker response time, than other monitoring methods do; this prevents problems and incidents more easily.
  2. Easier compliance reporting. While other types of monitoring use up a lot of resources and lower productivity – from having personnel conduct regular emission inspections to the burden of collection, storing, and processing information – triboelectric monitoring reads data in real time and can be directly interfaced with computer systems to process data instantly.
  3. Reduced maintenance. Opacity meters need regular calibration and routine rebuilding every several years, and this maintenance can cost thousands of dollars and require extensive paperwork. Triboelectric monitors not only require minimal maintenance; they also provide additional useful data with their detection ability, including the exact positions of leaks and the trends of such information.
  4. Longer filter life. Replacing filters in ordinary monitoring systems can lead to greater production costs, but triboelectric particulate monitors can determine maximum useful filter life before failures or peaks in emissions. Companies can avoid shutdowns or fines by obtaining replacement filters in advance.

With a triboelectric monitoring system from Auburn, a facility can get the necessary concrete data to save on production costs.

To learn more about Auburn’s line of triboelectric particulate monitors, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.


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