Gauge and analyzer from NDC are perfect dairy-powder moisture-control solutions

A major producer of measurement and control systems for the food-processing sector, NDC Technologies offers an innovative line of near-infrared (NIR) precision gauges that provide real-time measurement of important quality parameters in food production. For manufacturers of dairy powder, the company highly recommends its MM710e moisture gauge and InfraLab e-Series At-Line moisture analyser, both available in Canada through Firing Industries.

The moisture gauge uses up-to-date processing technology to offer accurate in-process, at-line measurements that help users attain top product quality and productivity. Meanwhile, the analyzer gives at-line measurements in only five seconds, with minimal preparation or skill needed.

Two devices using NIR technology

Processing dairy powder requires precise measurement of moisture, protein, and fat content to yield ideal product quality. Powder types for which these two devices can provide measurement solutions include milk powder (whole, skimmed, or fat-filled), infant formula, buttermilk, whey powder, and casein powder.

Available in moisture-only and multi-component formats, the MM710e moisture gauge has accurate measurement signals that allow food-processing workers to control the drying process automatically, according to top quality specifications. Using precision NIR technology, it can make continuous non-contacting measurement of moisture levels in food. By monitoring product quality and giving warnings if the process is out of specification, the MM710e makes powder processing more efficient and can yield significant cost savings.

The InfraLab analyzer is an ideal choice for quick, precise moisture measurement in powder, flake, or granule food products. The user simply places a sample on the turntable, and the InfraLab employs multi-wavelength NIR reflection to detect and analyze the product. The device comes with an onboard data-storage capacity of up to 10,000 sample files, and users can download data periodically to a USB stick or directly to a desktop PC, where they can use a spreadsheet to analyze the information.

All of the NDC moisture gauges and analyzers supplied by Firing Industries offer colour displays and analogue or digital outputs, as well as PC software to enable information visualization, recording, and calibration.

To learn more about the types of moisture-measuring products available, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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