Hosokawa Micron classifiers meet the industry’s need for finer particles


Hosokawa’s classifier range covers many areas.

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems remains a leading manufacturer of processing equipment, including classifiers, available from Firing Industries Ltd. These classifiers have been engineered to meet the industry’s increasing need for finer particles, as well as more narrow particle-size distribution. Hosokawa Micron recommends these machines for applications in the pharmaceutical, toner, ceramic, metal-powder, and plastics sectors. They are designed for easy operation and maintenance.

Easy adjustment of particle size

The Hosokawa Micron team constructs classifiers for consistent production of particle-size distributions that are uniform, homogeneous, spherical, smooth, dry, and easily dispersible. Users can adjust the particle size by changing the classifier speed or airflow, while the modular design offers convenient access to the machine’s internal components.

With their unique mechanical design, these classifiers produce high recovery rates of fine particles, up to 90 per cent. The streamlined component design results in lower pressure drop, which itself leads to lower energy consumption and reduced operational expense. Firing Industries offers the following Hosokawa Micron classifiers:

  • Alpine ATP Turboplex air classifier. Perfect for ultra-fine classification of superfine powders.
  • Alpine TTD ultra-fine air classifier. High-performance particle separator, ideal for classification of soft-to-medium-hard minerals at high throughput, like industrial fillers.
  • Alpine TTC Turbo Twin air classifier. Reliable, high-efficiency particle-size separation system with patented geometric classifier wheel, designed for high yields and narrow particle cut points.
  • Mikro Acucut air classifier. Uses dual-stage operating controls to ensure sharp cuts and narrow band particle-size distributions typically under ten micrometres.
  • Alpine ASP Stratoplex air classifier. Designed for fine-to-medium-fine separation range, with a D97 of roughly ten to 200 micrometres.
  • Mikro CC air classifier. An in-line fines classifier that can handle a broad variety of material.
  • Micron Separator air classifier. A mechanical, centrifugal device with flow-through technology.
  • Alpine Ventoplex air classifier. A dynamic particle-separation system.
  • Alpine TTSP Toner classifier. Designed for high dispersion and maximum-precision classification.
  • Alpine Multiplex Zig-Zag classifier. Can separate in the range of 0.1 to ten millimetres.
  • Dedusting system. Often used in line with granulators.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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