Hosokawa Micron offers a variety of processing equipment and services

powder processing equipment

Hosokawa Micron solutions range from various milling devices to design and engineering services.

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems is trusted by manufacturers on an international scale for its innovation size-reduction solutions. But this company, whose products are available in Canada from Firing Industries, is about far more than milling. Hosokawa Micron offers a wide range of powder processing equipment, from tabletop laboratory mills to complex or customized production systems.

Customers in such industries as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, minerals, cosmetics, and plastics turn to Hosokawa Micron for all kinds of powder processing equipment.

Systems for numerous applications

With the leading powder-processing technology by the most respected brand names, Hosokawa Micron designs and engineers all of its machines and systems to offer reliability, accuracy, durability, and optimum performance throughout their lifespans. This is how the manufacturer can guarantee high standards of quality and top solutions for many processing needs.

Milling options available include ultra-fine milling, hammer and screen mills, air-classifying mills, ball and media mills, pin and universal mills, and knife and attrition mills. Among the other great powder processing solutions that Hosokawa Micron offers are the following:

  • Coarse granulation
  • Grinding
  • Micronization
  • Classification and particle separation
  • Gentle blending
  • High shear mixing
  • Flash, vacuum, and freeze drying
  • Compaction, agglomeration, and granulation
  • Laboratory and analytical equipment
  • Isolators, glove boxes, and downflow booths
  • Hygienic filling and weighing stations

The company also offers system-design and engineering services, along with testing and development services, laboratory analysis, contract manufacturing, toll processing, maintenance, replacement parts, and training and education. Hosokawa Micron sales and service experts are available worldwide, and the company has five production and test centres in three continents.

For a look at Hosokawa Micron’s amazing range, check out this video:

All Hosokawa Micron equipment comes with a pledge to provide top performance and guaranteed dependability, with the help of major brand names like Mikro, Alpine, Micron, Vrieco-Nauta, Stott, and Vitalair. Firing Industries is the distributor to trust for the best Hosokawa Micron products for any individual processing need.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974

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