Hosokawa Micron particle size analyzer offers high accuracy and reliability

Firing Industries is Canada’s source for powder processing technologies by Hosokawa Micron. Among the manufacturer’s innovative products is the Mikro Air Jet Sieve model MAJSx2, a highly accurate, reliable particle size analyzer built to determine the particle-size distribution of dry powders from 20 to 4,750 micrometres.


This economical solution by Hosokawa Micron is a boon to applications in several industries, including chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, plastics, and cosmetics.

Used by labs worldwide

The MAJSx2 is a very versatile particle size analyzer that hundreds of laboratories around the world are using, testing thousands of materials. This device is typically used to determine dry-powder particle sizes, sometimes the average size below a predetermined cut point. Some companies use it to confirm that a powder top size does not exceed product specifications. Another possible use is as a small lab scale classifier to cut fine portions out of samples.

Easy to operate, the MAJSx2 can quickly determine the particle size of a powdered sample with a short series of sieve screens. The device uses a pneumatic sieving principle that enhanced the accuracy and reproducibility of particle-size analysis. As negative pressure draws all particles below a specific particle size through a test sieve screen, a positive airflow moves upwards through a rotating wand, dispersing undersized particles and carrying them to a vacuum collector. This is a preferred method for quality assurance of raw materials, process control, and confirming final product specifications.

Other major features of the MAJSx2 particle size analyzer from Firing Industries:

  • Twelve language options;
  • Automatic data recording and storage, with network capability;
  • USB backup of analysis;
  • Twenty gigabytes of storage;
  • Ability to calculate particle-size points at 0.01 to 99.99 per cent with the Rosin-Rammler Law;
  • Output graphs in linear and Rosin-Rammler formats;
  • Programmable vacuum pressure in multiple units;
  • Automatic differential-pressure control;
  • Adjustable date and time zone for international use;
  • Sample volumes of ten to 100 grams per cycle; and
  • Polycarbonate sieve cover, brush, and tapping hammer included.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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