Hosokawa Micron provides top milling technology for the food-processing sector

Milling equipment is essential for many manufacturers in the food-processing industry, since products often need to be cut up and reduced in size. Hosokawa Micron specializes in high-quality milling technology. This company, whose products are available in Canada through Firing Industries, knows exactly what kind of milling equipment will serve users best.

Picking the right equipment

Hosokawa Micron advises food manufacturers to consider the following factors when shopping for milling equipment:

  1. Target size reduction. The first step is to know what particle size is needed and the desired distribution. This depends on the type of food being produced, and it is usually expressed in microns. Flour, cereal, and chopped walnuts will require different levels of milling. If the exact size is unknown, consider testing the product on Hosokawa Micron milling machinery beforehand.
  2. Cost. Use a low-cost technology if there is one that meets the specific requirements. Hosokawa Micron recommends the hammer and screen mill, which employs high-speed swinging hammers inside a round housing to reduce particle size, then dumps the particles through a screen into collection.
  3. Qualities of the product. For fatty or oily foods like spices, Hosokawa Micron recommends an advanced system that uses a pin-disc-style rotor. Softer products are best suited for a knife rotor, and for soft or heat-sensitive foods requiring fine milling, use an attrition mill, which grinds the product between two high-speed rotating tapered plates. Air classifying mills work well with very narrow particle size distributions.
  4. Maintenance. If possible, it is good to get a mill that requires little maintenance and saves production time.
  5. Versatility. If the manufacturer makes various food products, can the equipment handle more than one type?
  6. Health and safety.

With a wide variety of equipment, Hosokawa Micron is the perfect source for milling technology that satisfies these considerations for food-processing companies.

About the manufacturer

Based in Summit, NJ, Hosokawa Micron has been providing size-reduction systems and powder-processing solutions for numerous sectors for nine decades.

To learn more about Hosokawa Micron’s milling solutions for the food-processing industry, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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