Hosokawa Micron workshop enlightens industry reps with its processing technologies

Firing Industries is proud to supply Hosokawa Micron powder-processing equipment to Canadian businesses. Last month, Hosokawa Micron hosted a Minerals Workshop at its global headquarters in Summit, NJ. Focusing on the manufacturer’s processing technologies, the event was attended by many representatives of the mineral industry, including workers, managers, supervisors, engineers, and researchers.

The workshop leaders introduced and discussed Hosokawa Micron’s latest processing technologies, as well as current global market trends and high-end applications in the mineral sector.

From hard minerals to talc

The Oct. 9 event, “Hosokawa’s Insights to Powder Processing in the Mineral Industry”, also included an exclusive tour through Hosokawa Micron’s testing and processing centre, where attendees saw the manufacturer’s latest processing technologies for profitable, ultra-fine, and mineral powders and slurries. The following minerals received emphasis:

  • Ground calcium carbonate (GGC) – The latest dry- and wet-processing technologies for application of ultra-fine powders and slurries in the fineness range of D97 = 2 – 12 micrometres (µm) for the polymer and paint industries, including GGC for application of high-end breathable film.
  • Hard minerals – Dry processing of ultra-fine grades of high-end ultra-fine powders in the range of D97 = 3½ to 20 µm for high-tech industries, plus processing of special designed particle size distributions.
  • Talc – To serve the current trend of finer talcum powder grades, Hosokawa Micron offers jet milling and wet grinding technologies for processing of ultra-fine perfect delaminated talc powders, down to the range of D50 = 0.6 µm with the highest L/D ratio of talc.
  • Graphite – Jet milling and classifier mill technologies for the finest grades of natural and synthetic graphite for high-end applications, including graphite for the application in Li-Ion batteries.
  • Flame retardants – A variety of dry- and wet-processing technologies for producing ATH- and Magnesium Hydroxide-based minerals like Brucite and Huntite in the fineness range of D97 = 5 – 45 µm.

A variety of Hosokawa Micron power-processing equipment is available from Firing Industries to serve users in the mineral industry and more.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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