Jacob Tubing – 2017 New Product Catalogue

Jacob is the primary supplier of modular tubing systems with pull ring connections to major industries worldwide for bulk goods handling, low pressure conveying lines, dust collection & exhaust air and oil mist & vapor extraction. Some of the industries we service include: the food industry, (e.g. coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, sugar, grain processing), chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, automotive, feed mills, chip industry, machinery, paper and building materials.

Please view the New 2017 Catalog for all of Jacobs enhancing products


Modularly designed tubes and assemblies are available in stock from 3″- 12″ (80 – 300 mm) in diameter. Larger diameter components up to 63″ (1600 mm) are standard but made to order. Constructed of mild steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel with wall thicknesses of 19 gauge (1 mm), 14 gauge (2 mm) or 11 gauge (3 mm).

Our product line includes: tubes, segments, elbows, diverter valves, throttle valves, slide gates, multi-port diverters, pull rings and the necessary transition pieces and fixing/attachment components.



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