Jacob tubing is ideal for material handling in food processing

In the food and beverage sector, bulk material-handling systems are a necessity, and proper tubing for connecting components is an essential part of those systems. For superior modular tubing, it is best to turn to Jacob, an internationally renowned manufacturer of tubing systems for food processing. Jacob’s Quick-Connect modular tubing system is available in Canada through Firing Industries.

Quick and easy to install

The Quick-Connect system is the perfect choice for any food manufacturer who needs either a new material-handling system or reparations or extensions to a current one. Jacob’s tubing fits easily into existing components with the help of either a flange connection or a butt weld adapter.

To connect Quick-Connect tubes to other tubing, Jacob recommends using easy-to-install pull rings. Each component of a complete modular system has a flanged end, precision-made at an exact right angle for accurate seals, and the pull rings connect different components quickly. This creates a highly strong system that has passed tests for shock explosion resistance of up to ten bar.

While some Jacob pull rings come with sealant to prevent leaks when conveying coarse-to-medium products, the manufacturer recommends using non-sealant pull rings combined with separate U-shaped seals for food products, as well as chemicals, gases, and other finer bulk goods. These rings are available for tubing ranging in thickness from one to two millimetres and in diameter from eight to 40 centimetres.

Jacob offers an extensive product line of tubing-system items for the food-processing industry. These include tubes, pull rings, connectors, ports, segments, valves, and more. The company’s large warehouse always contains more than 1,000 new products ready for shipment and use at any time. Clients can learn about all of these products from the company’s online catalogue

With Jacob’s Quick-Connect system, food conveyance gets smoother and faster.

About the companies

Founded in 1924 and based in Memphis, Jacob Modular Tubing Systems manufactures high-quality material-handling systems for several industries.

Firing Industries has been a leading Canadian distributor of industrial equipment since 1973. It is based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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