Jacob Tubing – Modular tubing systems a fit for every industry

Jacob Tubing Systems supplies modular tubing systems with pull ring connections. Its diverse product line, available in Canada through Firing Industries, features shock explosion proof, longitudinally welded and flanged modular pipework and distribution systems for bulk goods handling, low pressure conveying lines and dust collection, as well as exhaust, oil mist and vapour extraction. These versatile systems — which include tubes, segments, elbows, diverter valves, throttle valves, slide gates, multi-port diverters, pull rings and the necessary transition pieces and fixing/attachment components — are widely used by major industries across the globe for a broad range of applications.

The sectors the company serves include:

  • Food: For baking operations, meat processing, breweries/malting, coffee roasting, milk processing, as well as the spice, confectionary and tobacco industries.
  • Chemicals: For bulk goods and air handling, gravity flow and pneumatic conveying, dust and mist collection. Tubing systems can be made from stainless steel or specially painted to stand up to regular exposure to chemicals. They are also fast and simple to assemble for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Pharmaceuticals: For ventilation, vacuum and positive pressure, as well as the pneumatic conveying and gravity flow of products.
  • Plastics production and processing: For the conveyance of dry bulk goods, whether pneumatically or by gravity, as well as for dust separation or air extraction.
  • Recycling: For dust collection, air ventilation and pneumatic conveying in wood, paper, glass, metals or plastics recycling operations.
  • Automotive: To move clean and contaminated air, for oil mist removal, or for painting.
  • Metalworking: For oil mist and smoke extraction.
  • Construction: For ventilation systems, dust separation systems, gravity flow and pneumatic conveying.

Modularly designed tubes and assemblies are available for these applications and more. Constructed of mild steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel, these units are available in stock from 80 to 300 millimetres (three to 12 inches) in diameter. Larger diameter components up to 1,600 millimetres (63 inches) are standard but made to order. Jacob Tubing Systems can also design and manufacture customer-specific solutions.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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