Jacob Tubing multi-way distributors convey bulk goods to many machines

Firing Industries Ltd. is the source that Canada trusts for tubing systems by Jacob Tubing – like its innovative multi-way distributors. Manufacturing operations that process bulk goods require complex distribution systems, including the kinds that Jacob produces, and these multi-port distributors are an ideal pick for them.

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These unique distributors from Jacob provide a compact solution for conveying bulk goods to multiple machines or silos in production processes.

Food-compliant and dust-proof versions possible

Jacob multi-way distributors are designed to meet a variety of processing needs. The manufacturer offers different models in the standard range with up to 2 x 20 outlets. Users can configure these units individually according to intended use. For example, a FOOD GRADE version is possible as part of Jacob s food-compliant line; so is a dust-proof version. The former has stainless steel product-contact components at an added cost. Firing Industries customers can request distributors with wear-protection lining and other specifications. The rotating tube switch allows pneumatic conveyance of up to three bar, and it can be installed overhead, horizontally, or in other positions.

Other specific features available upon request:

  • proximity switches;
  • additional electric pressing and position control of the turn-pipe outlet position with proximity switches, affixed in the lower funnel;
  • second inspection door;
  • blue silicone, metal-detectable construction;
  • ATEX compliance; and
  • other drives.

Also available is a primed steel version for distributing grain and other granular bulk good by gravity without excessive pressure in the tubing system, with no demand for internal dust tightness. The turn pipe enables feeding from the top towards the required outlet inside a closed casing. A rotary tube seal is pressed on with two pressure springs, and four lugs fixed to the lower funnel circumference add support.

These multi-way distributors are electrically operated by three-phase, 50-hertz gear motors with currents from 380 to 400 volts. Each has positioning with mechanical limit switches wired on terminals in a connection box.

Check out this video for a closer look:https://www.youtube.com/embed/b4M4MdA0Dis

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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