Jacob Tubing offers technical drawings to help set up tubing networks

Firing Industries counts tubing by Jacob among its many great processing and material-handling solutions, available in several industries. These innovative tubing networks help move materials smoothly and quickly in various applications, such as bulk goods handling, dust extraction, exhaust air, and low-pressure conveying. Tubing systems can be complicated to set up, but Jacob makes the process faster and easier by supplying an archive of three-dimensional (3D) technical drawings to follow.

Integrated directly into the project

These 3D drawings make it possible for customers to design their tubing systems quickly and easily. They allow users to integrate Jacob products directly into their projects, so that the projects can be drawn up fully and accurately in minimal time. This process also simplifies ordering, because users can derive the material list directly from the planning.

Jacob features a library of 3D drawings on the download area of its website. Customers can instantly download zip files of these drawings to their personal computers before beginning work on their tubing networks. These include drawings for IGS and STP pull rings, and for IGS and STP U-shaped seals for tube flanges.

The Jacob pull-ring system is simple to put together and gives tubing networks high stability and leak tightness with its high-quality construction. Both pull rings have been tested in conjunction with the manufacturerʼs U-shaped gaskets. The air leakage per connection, measured at a differential pressure of 7¼ pounds per square inch (with a diameter of 30 centimetres, for example) is far below the admissible values recommended by industry standards.

Pull rings without sealing and with factory-fitted mastic sealant are available through Firing Industries, as are Quick Connect pull rings. Rings with sealant are used for bulk goods conveyed by gravity and ventilation systems with low differential pressures and without condensate. Pull rings with U-shaped gaskets are recommended for higher demands concerning sealing properties and the resistance of the connection.

For an idea of how Jacob systems work, watch this video:

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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