Jacob tubing systems are ideal conveying solutions for several industries

Firing Industries is a name that manufacturers trust for the best processing equipment. One of the producers with whom Firing Industries works is Jacob, known for high-quality industrial tubing systems. These products are ideal for conveying materials through plants quickly and speeding up production.

Jacob industrial tubing systems are good for many sectors, but are especially recommended for applications in food processing, tobacco, chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.


High quality, tightness, and flexibility

Customers choose Jacob tubing for the quality of its materials and workmanship and for being condensate leak-proof. Their tightness, superior flexibility, and straightforward installation make these tubing systems compatible with any industry that involves conveying raw materials and products or extracting contaminated air.

Jacob recommends its industrial tubing systems for three primary applications: conveying bulk goods, dust extraction and exhaust air, and low-pressure conveying. With bulk goods, this tubing performs very well with grains in any form (such as cereal, concentrated feed, or seeds) and with general food and beverage products (spices, coffee, sugar, rice, pet food, or confectionery). Tobacco companies also benefit from conveying bulk goods with Jacob, as do organizations that convey polyamides, pharmaceuticals, granulate, and intermediate products.

For dust extraction and exhaust air, Jacob tubing is the right pick for the metalworking industry, as well as food processing, tobacco, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. In metalworking, they are perfect for degreasing systems, oil mist, welding fumes, and grind dust; they can also handle dust and fumes in other industries, as well as lacquers in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics.

Low-pressure conveying is a common application for Jacob tubing in other industries. In recycling, these tubing systems handle electronics, plastic, and glass; in pulp and paper, they convey paper, wood, wood shavings, and pellets; in chemicals, they handle polystyrene and PU foam; and in air conditioning, they are useful in printing companies, cleanrooms, and cereal cooling.

Companies can turn to Firing Industries to find the right Jacob tubing systems for their needs. From conveying sensitive foods to extracting oil mist, Jacob can do it all.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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