Jet mill by Hosokawa Micron can produce ultra-pure lithium materials

Hosokawa Micron is the premier producer of processing equipment for a range of industries, from food processing to pharmaceuticals. The company, whose products are available in Canada from Firing Industries, is a master of powder technology, especially in milling devices. One of its most powerful instruments is the Alpine AFG Fluidized Bed Jet Mill.

Designed for lithium milling in battery applications, Hosokawa Micron’s Alpine AFG is unique in the way it uses multiple nozzles to accelerate compressed gas to the centre of the grinding chamber.

Perfect choice for ultra-fine milling

Battery manufacturing requires the most delicate and finely ground lithium, a relatively rare element found in rocks and brines, usually in South America. Demand for lithium has increased dramatically since World War II, and well-ground lithium compounds like lithium carbonite continues to be heavily in demand in battery applications today. This is why Hosokawa Micron’s solutions are essential for many companies.

The Alpine AFG Fluidized Bed Jet Mill from Firing Industries works by entraining lithium feed materials in the gas stream from the nozzles and causing them to collide, which creates particle-on-particle size reduction. This results in ultra-pure lithium material as the particles grind against each other, rather than against the internal mill surfaces which create a larger material.

Suitable for all very hard or abrasive materials, the Alpine AFG can grind up to 5,000 pounds per hour and produce ultra-fine lithium material down to D97 under three micrometres, meaning that 97 per cent of the particles measure no more than three micrometres in diameter. Its internal classifier, available with either single or multiple wheels, can produce narrow particle-size distribution. Options available include stainless steel or ceramic wear protection, PSR pressure-shock resistant designs, and laboratory to full production models.

To get a glimpse of the Alpine AFG in action, check out this video:

Hosokawa Micron recommends this fluidized bed jet mill for processing hard minerals, abrasive chemicals, and pharmaceuticals as well as lithium. The Alpine AFG produces the finest lithium compounds for applications that need ultra-low contamination.

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