Lab attritors by Union Process can come in custom variations

Among the essential processing devices that Firing Industriessupplies for Canadian industry is grinding equipment, such as attritors by Union Process. This includes not only grinding attritors for the food-processing sector, but also laboratory attritors for standard particle-size reduction and dispersion in research environments.

Union Process, the inventor and developer of attritor technology, has designed various styles of lab attritors for different applications. These devices can come with specially designed tanks that customize the grinding process in specific ways.

Can measure chamber temperature

One of Union Process’ key pieces of grinding equipment for labs is the S1 Laboratory Attritor. A few years ago, a research facility approached the manufacturer and requested a specially designed mill for an application that required a shaft seal for grinding under inert gas. The client particularly wanted to be able to measure the temperature inside the grinding chamber.

Union Process responded by developing a special edition of the S1 – this one with a tungsten carbide-faced tanks with tungsten carbide-sleeved arms for the research facility. This attritor included a temperature probe for measuring the chamber temperature. Other features included a five-horsepower variable frequency drive that enabled variance of the shaft RPM for experimental purposes, as well as a bar grid and ball valve to allow for discharging of slurry while leaving media behind. Optional discharge vessels could enable slurry discharges under inert atmospheres as well.

This was not the first time that Union Process had altered its lab attritors to accommodate specific applications. In 2010, the company developed a new 110cc mini-tank to enable users to process smaller batches of material – as small as 20 to 30 cc. This tank is compatible with the model 01-HD/HDDM attritor, a high-speed grinder similar to the 01-HD heavy-duty wet grinding mill, but with disks instead of arms and for media measuring 0.1 millimetres or less.Such versatility in design is why Firing Industries trusts Union Process as a maker of grinding equipment. This manufacturer has 72 years of experience in creating innovative milling devices.

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