Laboratory circulation attritor by Union Process suits chocolate, coatings

laboratory circulation attritor

The UP Q-2 laboratory circulation attritor

Union Process (UP) has revolutionized food processing for nearly 75 years with its innovative grinding attritors, and Firing Industries is proud to supply these instruments in Canada. The manufacturer has produced equipment specifically for the confection industry, such as the unique Q-2 laboratory circulation attritor. This lab-sized attritor is especially potent for chocolate products, both domestic and international, and UP recommends it especially for processing chocolate coating for ice cream.

Plastic or steel slurry lines

A five-horsepower motor with a variable-speed drive powers the Q-2 attritor by UP. This motor is installed in a NEMA-4X/12 wash-down duty enclosure. The device also has a tachometer, stainless steel holding tank with an anchor stirrer, and high-speed mixer. The holding tank has a gross volume of 2.6 gallons and is jacketed for cooling, and users can line it with alumina, zirconium oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, food-grade rubber, polyurethane, or Tefzel. The tank can also be coated with HALAR or nylon for complete metal-free systems.

Cover seals are also available for this laboratory circulation attritor, for a fully sealed system. The agitator arms can be stainless steel, plastic, tungsten carbide, or zirconium oxide. The module is programmed to display agitator rotation speed, and it can be toggled to display motor power and AMPs. The premix system has a stainless steel, 25-gallon premix/processing tank with an anchor stirrer and mixer, as well as a sanitary jacketed pump with stainless steel housing and a reversible one-horsepower variable speed drive. This system has all required plumbing too.

Another feature of this laboratory circulation attritor is complete slurry lines, in plastic or stainless steel, with valve and quick disconnects. Users can add special instruments to the device if desired.

Firing Industries carries many kinds of UP attritors in addition to the Q-2. The manufacturer produces both wet and dry grinding attritors, for production or laboratories, along with bead mills, tanks, and other process equipment. Attritors come in either batch or continuous designs to suit different applications. For world-class processing solutions, trust the UP team.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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