Laboratory vacuum pumps by piab run on compressed air systems

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piab is a top international manufacturer of industrial vacuum-conveying equipment, all of which is available in Canada through Firing Industries Ltd. Among the many great solutions by piab is the Lab Vac series of laboratory vacuum pumps, which are powered by a standard compressed-air system that generates a vacuum. As this vacuum can be provided up to 11 millimetres of mercury, these pumps are perfect for vacuum filtration, rotary evaporation, degassing, gel drying, and all other common laboratory applications.

Time-tested design and construction

The Lab Vac series has a time-tested design and construction that uses the same technology that piab provides for other industries around the world. The manufacturer has engineered these devices specifically for use in modern laboratories and developed them to be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and highly reliable. Their user-serviceable compressed-air pumping technology requires almost no maintenance and has no moving parts. Among the key features are energy-efficient multi-stage ejector nozzles with extremely low sound levels. Users can set exact vacuum control by adding the Vacustat, which can prevent excessive pressure while boosting energy efficiency more.

These vacuum pumps have been built to serve as small, portable vacuum devices that users can mount near the point of use, thereby eliminating the need and cost of piping from a large, expensive, centrally located motor-driven pump; it also vastly improves the vacuum quality available to the user, since it eliminates line losses and increases reliability. Another advantage: it frees up bench and aisle space by doing away with the requirement to find space for bulky local vacuum pumps.

The user can mount the Lab Vac unit on a wall or place it in a reaction rack for peak flexibility in a laboratory environment. These piab vacuum pumps from Firing Industries are made out of polyphenylene sulphide and can withstand chemical attacks from the most common organic solvents, acids, and bases. Outfitting the device with Kalrez seals can make it very durable, making it even more able to withstand the harshest environments and chemicals that most laboratories use.

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