Learn about Hosokawa Micron solutions through series of online videos

Firing Industries makes Hosokawa Micron’s powder processing machinery available to Canadian manufacturers, improving their production efficiency. One way that Hosokawa Micron educates its customers on its products and how to use them is through online videos. Three of these videos are available for viewing on the Powder Bulk Videos website.

With a focus on videos about handling and processing powder and bulk solids, Powder Bulk Videos is the perfect platform to showcase Hosokawa Micron powder processing machinery.

A live equipment demonstration

The first of these videos is a live demonstration of the Hosokawa Micron Nauta conical screw mixer. This low-intensity batch mixer is designed specifically for segregative, free-flowing powders and pastes. The video shows an 80-litre model being used to blend extra-fine granular sugar with an average particle size of about 400 microns, with iron oxide pigment with a particle size of less than 20 microns.

The Nauta mixer is a convective device that delivers high mixing efficiency. A gentle piece of powder processing machinery, it ensures the highest level of mixing accuracy without product distortion. Hosokawa Micron recommends it for delicate products and processes in which highly accurate results are necessary; it is perfect for gentle mixing of large volumes of up to 100,000 litres.

The Nauta conical screw mixer is available from Firing Industries, and the demonstration video is viewable here:

A second Hosokawa Micron video on Powder Bulk Videos focuses on the company’s wide range of equipment and services. The company designs and manufactures powder-processing equipment and systems for various industries in the Americas, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, minerals, cosmetics, and plastics. Hosokawa Micron engineers its equipment to ensure reliability, durability, and maximum performance throughout its operational lifespan, with brand names like Mikro, Alpine, Micron, Vrieco-Nauta, Stott, and Vitalair.

The third video tells about the company’s history, from its establishment as Hosokawa Iron Works in Osaka, Japan in 1916, to its present status as a world leader in process solutions for powder.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at ddubuc@firing.com or (877) 688-0974.

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