MALVERN: Insitec Process – The eye in your process Real-time particle sizing, whatever your application

A watchful eye to help optimize your process

Malvern Insitec analyzers can measure particle size distributions from 0.1 to 1000µm, wet or dry, at-line,
in-line or on-line, including mobile or static solutions for most industrial applications.
Using advanced laser diffraction technology pioneered and developed by Malvern, our comprehensive
range of instruments are now standard in most particulate processing industries including toners,
pharmaceuticals, cement, minerals, powder coatings, pigments and metal powders.
Their rugged construction and robust technology reflect the exacting demands placed on analytical
instrumentation that is in continuous use in such process environments as milling, classification, spray
drying, atomization, filtration and granulation.

Capable of taking scattering patterns every second and delivering the particle size distribution in realtime,
an Insitec analyzer can make more than a million measurements every year – effectively becoming
your ever watchful ‘eye in the process’. The result of which is to increase the manufacturing ROI by
helping to:

– produce batches of raw materials that are ‘right first time’, reducing waste and the amount of material to be recycled
— reduce batch-to-batch variation,thereby improving quality
— control and maintain quality continually
— ‘close the loop’ and ensure the mill operates closer to target limits

The range of Malvern Insitec analyzers, the process interface, analysis software, automation and data reporting can
all be customized to your individual needs. Furthermore, Malvern offers a 5-day trial period to demonstrate the potential of a dedicated on-line Insitec system for your process.

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