The many vacuum conveyor solutions for powder and bulk by piab

piab is renowned for a wide portfolio of vacuum conveyor solutions for several industries, especially food processing, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Available in Canada through Firing Industries, these products include equipment that conveys bulk and dry-powder products through dedicated pipe systems with vacuum power. Not only are piFLOW® vacuum conveyors built from high-quality material; they also meet the strict standards of hygiene and operational safety that these sectors have.

Ejector and mechanical pumps available

Developed as an answer to the severe safety and cleanliness requirements of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical operations, piab’s vacuum conveyor solutions are all ATEX-certified for dust, while selected products are certified for gas too. Each conveyor is available with a pump, either an ejector-driven vacuum one or a mechanical one.

Firing Industries can supply the following piFLOW® vacuum conveyor solutions:

  • Premium – piFLOW®p. Recommended for food processing, pharmaceuticals, and any other industry requiring premium technology, as well as applications that demand high throughput performance with a small footprint. A large range, from a two-litre batch volume to 56 litres.
  • Tablet – piFLOW®t. For food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical applications that require premium technology, particularly when handling tablets or fragile products. piab also recommends the piFLOW®t for applications that need high throughput performance with a small footprint. The large range suits transportation of up to four million tablets an hour.
  • Food grade – piFLOW®f. This device is popular in applications in which food-grade quality is a demand. Often used as an alternative to mechanical conveyors when dust-free conveyance or low maintenance is necessary. Capacity can reach four tons per hour.
  • Industrial – piFLOW®i. Widely used in general manufacturing and sometimes in chemicals, trusted for its high throughput and small footprint. Also has a capacity of up to four tons an hour.

piab also offers spare parts and accessories for these conveyors, as well as an upgrade kit for C conveyors. Although these piFLOW® products are reliable and need minimal maintenance, users are wise to change some parts regularly for maximum productivity, and accessories can optimize performance.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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