Matcon answers common questions about its intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)

Matcon has revolutionized powder processing with its line of intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, which are available in Canada via Firing Industries. Matcon’s personnel want customers to get the most out of these mixing containers, and they receive a lot of valid client questions about issues with these products.

Richard Meheran, a member of Matcon’s sales engineering team, offers many answers to frequently asked questions about these mixing containers.

Improving the mixing capabilities

Firing Industries recommends Matcon IBCs as an ideal method of mixing materials to make products in food processing and other industries. Here are Meheran’s responses to four common challenges:

  • What mixing method is best for products? Consider the volumes of each product mix. A large, perhaps fixed, mixer may word for a few product lines in bulk quantities, but IBCs can add flexibility, pre-mixing, and offline packing to a fixed system for efficiency. Use a fully modular, mobile containment system for more product varieties with smaller batches.
  • Will a different system mix an exact recipe fully? Matcon offers testing facilities for customers to figure out if certain mixing containers can deal with the individual nuances of a specific recipe.
  • What follows a successful equipment test? It depends on the company’s situation. If the customer is equipping a new plant, Matcon can help with CAD drawings and process flows for the optimal production line. Companies refitting an existing factory might be able to move production to another site during the equipment changeover. For a more gradual change, there are steps to take to adapt a current processing system efficiently.
  • How can mixing capabilities be improved? First, examine the entire production line for any quality, efficiency, or time-delay issues that can be amended. Introducing IBCs to any production line typically delivers instant improvement. Benefits include: higher flexibility, with a wider range of materials; better powder flow; elimination of waiting time when the mixer is offline; no cross-contamination, as the IBCS are sealing; consistent quality and product integrity; and the availability of automation.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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