Matcon bulk containers prevent powder mix segregation with food, more

Firing Industries Ltd. is Canada’s key source of Matcon’s innovative Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), which are ideal for powder handling in the food-processing sector. A major advantage of Matcon IBCs is prevention of powder mix segregation: in the manufacturing process, powder segregating can result in major issues with product quality.

Improper powder handling can undermine even a superior mixture. This is particularly important with products that contain vitamins and minerals, with which only a homogeneous mix is acceptable. Matcon has the perfect solution.

Matcon Cone Valve technology

Every step affects quality in the process of moving, pouring, conveying, or processing material. If product becomes un-mixed, the proportion of ingredients in each consumer consumption unit changes. Powder mix segregation can be a problem with recipes that require multiple powder types. Modern recipes often use different power types, each with a different particulate characteristic, to maintain quality. Mixture separation can result from variations in size, shape, or density.

Particle size is a substantial cause of segregation. When the product is transferred between processing steps, in-flight materials travel at different speeds, depending on size, which leads to trajectory segregation, since larger particles are projected further. Percolation, another source of powder mix segregation, happens when small particles move down through mass falling into spaces between bigger particles, usually during shaking or vibration of the hopper when charging or discharging. Larger particles move up as voids are created and filled with smaller particles. These alterations in powder state frequently occur during standard handling processes.

Matcon IBCs are constructed to create mass powder flow with their 60-degree hopper angles, smooth internal surfaces, and Cone Valve technology. Mass flow happens when all of the powder is in motion across the entire container when users withdraw any of it. This creates a first-in, first-out flow sequence, which eliminates stagnant areas and offers steady discharge with consistent bulk density, plus a uniform, well-controlled flow. This maintains quality and keeps mixes homogeneous during discharge.

For top Matcon industrial solutions for powder handling, always rely on Firing Industries.

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