How Matcon helps customers test process changes in powder processing

powder-processing equipment

Matcon owns test plants to allow customers to use its equipment before purchase.

Firing Industries is Canada’s source of powder-processing equipment by Matcon. Known for Intermediate Bulk Containers, Matcon owns test plants that let customers mimic pilot testing with equipment that permits product trials across all stages of powder handling. Users put any powders and combinations to the test to prove the equipment’s ability to make product batches. They also get insight into Matcon’s method for quick, efficient, and clean production.

Confidently reduce processing time

Completion of product trials and experiments in Matcon’s fully equipped test plants leads to a better understanding of the ingredients, so users can confidently reduce processing time and maintain high manufacturing standards. These facilities enable equipment demonstration, complete powder analysis, thorough research and development, and operator training.

Matcon test plants enable complete evaluations with products and tests of different processes and combinations of powder-processing equipment for top results. These state-of-the-art facilities contain full-scale material-handling equipment to replicate working conditions for production-oriented interface testing. Near-Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy is used in the United Kingdom to prove homogeneity and determine the right recipe blend times; this eliminates the need for invasive sampling. To prove cleaning capabilities, Allergen and ATP swab testing is available.

When using a Matcon test plant, customers mimic pilot testing with powder-processing equipment that allows product trials across all process stages. The Matcon team uses laboratory equipment to help customers analyze bulk density, repose angle, flowability, drying properties, particle size, and other material properties. Experienced process engineers use test results to create a detailed view of the product and define the necessary operating parameters and equipment settings to process material correctly.

Other properties that these plants help to define: dispersal and homogeneity; powder layering; blending performance; prevention of segregation on discharge; accuracy and speed of dosing/packing performance; levels of containment; material flow and discharge capability; cleaning capabilities for wet and air wash; gentle tablet handling; system interface/integration; weighing and packing accuracy; throughput and production capacity; and quicker equipment cleaning.

With the assistance of Firing Industries, Matcon helps businesses optimize processing for food, chemicals, and more.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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