Matcon IBC blending modules always offer fast, efficient, agile mixing

Firing Industries supports the Canadian food-processing industry, and other sectors, by supplying Matcon’s famous Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBCs. These blending modules set the standard for quick, efficient, and agile blending of food ingredients and other relevant materials, with the most flexible mixing process. With the IBC as the blending vessel, both cleaning downtime and cross-contamination are eliminated; users conduct all filling and emptying tasks independent of the blender.

Wide range of batch sizes

Using innovative IBC blending modules offers strong advantages over competitors’ mixing equipment. With Matcon solutions, the system is always blending; filling, emptying, and cleaning are all done offline. Users can perform in-bin blending for instant recipe changeover, with no risk of contamination, and the wide range of batch sizes result in high flexibility. The intensifier package expands the blending capacity, including liquid addition. These are factory-assembled modular solutions with a proven design and minimal risk.

The IBC system allows the mixing of any recipe at any time, while eliminating the time-consuming cleaning that comes with standard static mixers. Other benefits of these blending modules include the following:

  • Fast batch changes. Product never makes contact with the blender.
  • No risk of cross-contamination. The IBC is fully contained and serves as the sole blending vessel.
  • High OEE rates. IBCs reduce downtime by being formulated, emptied, and cleaned offline.
  • Flexible batch sizes. One blender accommodates a variety of IBC sizes.
  • High shear intensifier. This increases the range of blending capabilities.
  • Asymmetric tumble axis. No powder hangup.
  • Variation rotation speed and mix time. For varying recipe requirements.

These bulk containers are perfect not only for food processing, but also for material-handling applications in the nutrition, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

For a glimpse of two great IBC solutions by Matcon, watch the videos below:

For the best in Matcon solutions for producing multiple recipes, high productivity, and high quality, trust Firing Industries.

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