How Matcon IBC solutions avoid the problems of competing systems

Firing Industries is the approved Canadian supplier of intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs, by Matcon. Not all IBC solutions are equal, and it is important to look for one of these innovative powder-handling systems with high efficiency and product control. Matcon has designed its IBCs to overcome all of the common issues associated with standard systems – and it even has unique Test Centres that allow customers to try these units out.

Proven Cone Valve technology

What distinguishes the Matcon brand of IBC solutions is the manufacturer’s own patented Cone Valve technology. This innovation has been proven to overcome the most challenging powder-handling problems. These issues typically stem from inadequate IBC technology. Examples:

  • Poor product flow. This often requires manual intervention, like hammering the outside of the container, which can cause damage.
  • Recipe segregation. An incorrect ingredient ratio can result in poor product quality and needless scrap.
  • Uncontrolled product flow. Inability to control flow during packing will lead to flooding and subsequent downtime.
  • Unsuccessful cleaning modules. Difficult cleaning may result in improper container disinfection between batches, causing contaminated product.

Matcon’s Cone Valve technology works to address all of these issues. The integral Cone Valve vibration and variable lift height result in complete control of product flow, with no additional feeders required. Users can control free-flowing material with small lift heights and prompt sticky material to flow. Second, this technology encourages powder to move under mass flow by holding it back in the centre of the IBC and stimulating flow from the sides; this way, material discharges as first-in, first-out, which maintains the integrity of the mix.

In addition, Matcon IBC solutions are easy to clean, due to their simple design; this results in minimal risk of cross-contamination or bacterial buildup, as well as minimal scrap. Finally, world-leading manufacturers trust Cone Valve technology to improve output greatly, by producing multiple batches simultaneously. With the help of Firing Industries, companies can make products in a controlled, efficient environment and get the most out of their production lines.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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