Matcon test centers allow processing companies to try out equipment

Matcon is one of the world-class manufacturers whose processing solutions are available in Canada from Firing Industries. The company is known for its Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) systems, which aid in powder, granule, and tablet processing for the food and pharmaceutical industries. One advantage Matcon has is its ability to let customers test its products in advance.

Matcon owns state-of-the-art test plants at its American, British, and Chinese offices. Each of these test centres is equipped with full-scale Matcon processing solutions for companies to try out equipment before buying it or run product trials.

Replicating real working conditions

Matcon’s test facilities give clients the chance to use the company’s equipment in an environment that replicates authentic work conditions. This not only gives users a better idea of which Matcon devices suit their workplaces; it also gives them confidence and experience with the equipment.

Companies can use these Matcon centres to test out many applications, including the following:

  • IBC blending performance;
  • Material flow and discharge capabilities;
  • Segregation prevention on discharge;
  • Speed and accuracy of dosing or packing performance;
  • Cleaning abilities for wet and air wash;
  • Gentle tablet handling;
  • System interface and integration; and
  • Throughput and production capacity.

Customers can also use Matcon processing solutions to help analyze material properties, like bulk or tapped density, angle of repose, flow-ability, and particle sizes. Onsite engineers can then develop optimum solutions for specific needs based on the test results. With a hands-on approach, users can define key operating settings to handle materials properly.

Matcon even offers rental units in some cases, to allow users to test equipment and materials at their own production sites. This way, customers can conduct further testing under their own unique work conditions. Each test comes with a detailed, confidential report with recommendations on equipment settings and how the machinery should handle the product.

With the help of Matcon’s test centre in Delran, NJ, companies get a better idea of what kind of equipment to get from Firing Industries.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.

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