How Matcon tumble blending revolutionizes production in powder mixing

Firing Industries makes powder-handling manufacturers more efficient and competitive with Matcon’s line of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). When it comes to powder mixing, Matcon revolutionizes the production process with its unique method of tumble blending in containers rather than static industrial mixer solutions, which require cleaning between recipe changes. With Matcon’s flexible solution, users get a quick, agile, and efficient mixer, which speeds up every aspect of the application.

Formulating, blending, transporting, and storing

Customers use Matcon IBCs for formulating, blending, transporting, and storing their products, as they solve common powder-manufacturing issues in a multi-functional, straightforward way. Users can formulate recipes offline, transport them into the mixer, and then blend them in-bin before moving them, within the same IBC, to the packing line. This ultra-quick loading/unloading mechanism boosts efficiency.

Traditional industrial mixers result in a powder mixing process that can take as long as eight hours, due to cleaning time. By using only one IBC during the production process, manufacturers reduce cleaning downtime substantially. With the IBC as the blending vessel, no product makes contact with the blender, so the user simply switches to another IBC when changing recipes.

As the first IBC progresses seamlessly along a production line, workers can use another to make a different recipe. This results in a constant flow of different products and encourages variety and innovation to meet customer demand. Additionally, Matcon’s IBCs use a unique cone-valve technology that eliminates cross-contamination between batches by controlling and containing all powder discharges.

Another key advantage of powder mixing with IBCs is that they have a far smaller footprint that other tumble blenders do, which reduces costs further. And one IBC can do the work of several fixed industrial mixers, due in part to the absence of cleaning – users can process three or four batches per hour – and because one blender can accommodate many IBC sizes. These containers save not only money for manufacturers, but also space and time.

Matcon is changing powder manufacturing in Canada, with the help of Firing Industries.

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