Matcon’s advice on conducting health checks on processing equipment

Matcon has changed the face of powder processing with its Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBC systems, available from Firing Industries. To keep this equipment working at peak performance, users should conduct regular health checks throughout its operational lifespan. While technicians can offer onsite service to repair or troubleshoot issues, companies can save a lot of money and downtime by being proactive.

Important questions to ask

When checking Matcon’s IBC systems, facilities should ask themselves several important questions. The first question: is the equipment still safe? Users should make sure the machinery is set up and installed correctly, stable, and located in a suitable spot. Are safeguards in place? Is the equipment free from deterioration and defects? Is it sealed tight, with no leakage? One must also ensure that trained operators are using these systems for the correct purpose.

It is also worth asking if the company is using the latest design – or if it should invest in newer equipment. Adopting a new design could achieve new efficiencies and savings. The Firing Industries team can recommend new or updated machinery to enhance production and then help the customer install and learn the new system at every stage.

Another option is to upgrade an existing older product with new technology, in order to keep up with the latest manufacturing techniques in the industry. Matcon offers an upgrade service for its IBC systems, enabling customers to determine what equipment parts should be replaced. This can future-proof the initial investment cost while increasing production.

In addition to replacements and upgrades, customers can alter their IBC equipment to accommodate expanding facilities. Matcon keeps detailed records of every product order, so it can respond quickly when a company requires an extra production line or additional equipment, with expedited lead times on quotes and supply.

Finally, it is wise to ask if the equipment complies with recent changes in current legislation or standards. Matcon offers full inspection reports for auditory purposes.

By following these tips, manufacturers get the best out of their Matcon products.

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